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Digital approaches beyond the pill

At the Healthcare Hub Berlin, we develop digital solutions ranging from clinical research to meaningful therapy additions in collaboration with start-ups.

The Healthcare Hub in Berlin pursues the objective of promoting visionary ideas that improve patient healthcare and go beyond the pill. Our collaboration with founders has since been a powerful driver in the realisation of numerous innovations. 

With its co-creation approach, the Hub has become a pioneer within the Pfizer network. Since the launch of the Healthcare Hub Berlin in 2014, several locations have followed suit – today we have hubs in 15 countries, in cities including London, Stockholm, Sydney, Tel Aviv and Paris. The objective of this co-creation approach is to encourage start-ups and provide customized support. We do not believe in ‘one size fits all’ solutions with precisely itemised development schedules and fixed completion deadlines. We do not act as an accelerator or incubator in the course of a predefined programme, we focus on the respective challenges faced by ou partners as they arise. Our collaboration with entrepreneurs always takes place on a level playing field. The range of supportive measures the hub provides is extremely flexible. The opportunities include, for instance, mentoring by the Pfizer network of experts with colleagues from areas such as medicine and market access, market know-how, and even sales partnerships. In this way, we create digital solutions that meaningfully complement our medicines and vaccines. We concentrate on three key areas: education and information, earlier and better diagnosis and adherence.

Our cases illustrate the diversity of our work.  

Pfizer collaborates with Ada Health from Berlin (hyperlink to details page)on the diagnosis of rare diseases. Thanks to our joint efforts, diagnoses founded on the screening results of AI-based questionnaires since 2018 now also include the two rare diseases acromegaly and amyloidosis. The work of Ada Health and Pfizer helps physicians to diagnose these rare diseases at an early stage, thus allowing for better and more specific treatment of patients.


Our collaboration with the start-up Viomedo has led to patients being able to access all our clinical studies on a digital platform. Thanks to our international network, the team was also able to gain access to the Austrian healthcare market. Viomedo has since won numerous awards, amongst others, the Berlin-Brandenburg Business Plan Competition. Cortrium is another example of how we provide tailored support to founders (hyperlink to details page). The Danish start-up develops solutions for the monitoring of vital signs, for instance in the indication of cardiovascular disease. In this case, members of the Pfizer sales force present the medical device to physicians and demonstrate the added value that the product offers to patients.  

In the meantime, the Pfizer Healthcare Hub is an integral component of Berlin’s healthcare start-up ecosystem. We provide support for numerous start-up initiatives such as hackathons at the Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI) in Potsdam and ‘Hacking Female Health’ from Hacking Health. Pfizer is also an active member of the Digital Pharma Working Group of Bitkom  

Would you like to realise your idea for improving patient care? Please write to us and tell us more.

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