The Hub in Freiburg

Innovative and sustainable solutions for the production of pharmaceuticals

The Healthcare Hub Freiburg makes the production of pharmaceuticals the starting point for digital patient solutions.

As a research-driven pharmaceuticals manufacturer, our objective is to get innovative medical products to our patients as quickly as possible. We pursue this objective throughout the entire development process. A decisive step in this is manufacturing. The options offered by digitalisation enable us to continuously monitor and optimise all processes in our plants. An active driver of this transformation is the Healthcare Hub Freiburg. Founded in March 2018 as an in-house innovation platform, the initiative came from the colleagues on site - as was the case with the Berlin Hub. With its direct links to the production site, the Freiburg Hub offers a wide range of opportunities for digital innovators. In the world of pharmaceuticals manufacturing, our production site is regarded as a pioneer of lean manufacturing, environmental protection and sustainability. The site also enjoys an excellent international reputation and is one of the two ‘launch sites’ within the Pfizer network at which production processes for innovative medicines are developed.

The aim of the hub is the identification and realisation of creative solutions for the digitalisation of pharmaceuticals manufacturing in dialogue with leading innovators such as start-ups, universities and industry partners.


We co-develop new production methods and smart technologies with start-ups, spin-offs and tech-companies. For example, we are working together with the start-up envuco from South Baden and the Westphalian tech-company netgo on a pilot study to evaluate an innovative method for measuring energy flows and a concept for interpreting the results. The objective is to employ smart sensors for the measurement of local energy flows in a new manufacturing plant currently under construction at the production site. Thanks to so-called energy harvesting, the sensors source the power they need solely from the ambient energy of their surroundings. The data are aggregated in ‘SAM’, the gateway developed by envuco. The innovative solution is thus one of the starting points for saving energy in new building projects by means of the new energy concept. This is only one of numerous examples for the utilisation of digital solutions at the Freiburg production site – and a result of co-creation.

Close cooperation and regular exchange with the Pfizer Healthcare Hub in Berlin creates a direct interface between life science topics from Germany’s most prominent research and healthcare facilities and the city’s vibrant start-up scene. In a reciprocal arrangement, innovators from Berlin in areas relating to Industry 4.0 and life sciences enjoy direct access to the hub in Baden-Württemberg. Consequently, the Berlin Hub and the Healthcare Hub in Freiburg are the two ends of the Pfizer innovation axis in Germany.

Would you like to realise your idea for innovative production solutions in the healthcare segment? Please write to us and tell us more.


The Pfizer Healthcare Hubs

The Pfizer Healthcare Hubs in Berlin and Freiburg connect the Pfizer concern with digital innovators from the healthcare segment.

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