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Sensors that detect cardiac arrhythmia or AI-supported questionnaires that help diagnosing rare diseases are just some of the innovative solutions that mark the beginning a new era for the healthcare sector: the era of digitalization. The Pfizer Healthcare Hubs are working to unlock the potential of digitalization for the healthcare industry.

Through our hubs in Berlin and Freiburg, we connect the Pfizer Group with the most innovative thinkers in the healthcare industry and, by doing so, we create space for groundbreaking digital innovations. At our Berlin site, we work together with startups, spin-offs, and tech companies to develop digital solutions that enhance therapies for patients and physicians, whereas in Freiburg, we work on innovative technologies for drug production.

Our mission is to offer flexible and individual support to the actors of digital innovation and provide them with what they need – that's what we mean by co-creation. Whether it's access to market knowledge, mentoring through the Pfizer network of experts, or setting up sales partnerships, we do what’s necessary to drive innovation forward.


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Healthcare Hub Freiburg: A bridge between Life Sciences and Industry 4.0

Our manufacturing unit in Freiburg has been regarded for years as a pioneer in pharmaceutical production with respect to lean manufacturing, environmental protection, and sustainability.

The Freiburg Hub is actively pursuing this leadership position: Through our collaborations with innovators, we are continuously developing new innovative technologies related to Industry 4.0, lean manufacturing, and improvements in energy efficiency, which in turn allows us to constantly optimize our production processes.

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Healthcare Hub Berlin: Co-Creation at eye level

Through our Healthcare Hub in Berlin, we promote innovation for better patient care, which can take many different shapes: from clinical research to resources for therapy support.

Since our founding in 2014, we have successfully implemented a large number of projects and we intentionally acted not according to a predefined program, but always in line with our co-creation model. This approach has proven its worth and now serves as a model across the entire Pfizer Group: by now we have hubs in 15 countries following this model, including those in London, Stockholm, Sydney, Tel Aviv, and Paris.

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Pfizer Healthcare Hubs around the world

The Healthcare Hubs in Berlin and Freiburg are part of the international Pfizer network: the Pfizer Healthcare Hubs are spread across 15 countries around the world and all work according to the Berlin co-creation approach: in collaboration with digital pioneers, we develop innovative solutions for better patient care.

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