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We provide individual support for innovative ideas. We offer startups and innovators the opportunity to collaborate with one of the most important companies in the pharmaceutical industry. Together we to develop digital solutions that enhance therapies for patients and physicians. Pfizer divisions benefit from the digital and data-driven solutions we develop in collaboration with innovators.

Our Healthcare Hubs empower digital and technological innovations for the healthcare industry and connect the startup ecosystem with the Pfizer Group.

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Freiburg-Berlin: The Pfizer Innovation Axis

The Healthcare Hubs in Berlin and Freiburg drive innovation for the healthcare sector with their co-creation model: We support each innovation with a custom-made plan – personalized and flexible, a far cry from old-school cookie-cutter programs.

In Berlin, we focus on topics related to digital patient care. At our site in Freiburg we support one of the world's most modern production facilities in the pharmaceutical industry with innovative solutions for the drug production of the future.

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News & Events


Compatibility through new work and digitalization: discussion on June 6

Together with DIGIHUB Südbaden and the parent career program ADULTY, we will talk about how work must be organized so that companies do not have to do without highly trained parents – and so that compatibility does not become an ordeal for parents. Is it possible to get rid of the career crunch, the part-time trap and the shortage of skilled workers with the help of innovative forms of work? 


Insights into Freiburg's innovation ecosystem: The Freiburg Science Market from June 7 – 26

The Freiburg Science Market showcases the entire spectrum of Freiburg's research landscape: universities, non-university research institutions and research-oriented companies in the region. 


Hello @Nico Kunzelmann! 

Nico Kunzelmann recently joined the Freiburg Hub team. Nico is completing an apprenticeship as an industrial clerk and will support us in the area of marketing during his time at the Healthcare Hub Freiburg.



Further training during parental leave: The Healthcare Hub Freiburg completes ADULTY project

High Tech Summit
Digital Health

The Pfizer Healthcare Hubs as partners in the "CyberOne Award"

Kooperation mit Startup Mondas

New standards for safe pharmaceuticals manufacturing: Freiburg Healthcare Hub enables cooperation between IT start-up Mondas and Pfizer

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