Digital innovation for the healthcare industry

What we do

Through the Pfizer Healthcare Hubs in Berlin and Freiburg we are harnessing the opportunities of digitalization to improve the lives of patients around the world. We bring the potential of digital innovation to the healthcare industry, unlocking new approaches and possibilities. We connect thought leaders such as startups, spin-offs, and tech companies with one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world. When fresh ideas and passion for innovation meet Pfizer's expertise and experience, visions can become reality.

Where innovation and know-how meet

We understand the challenges of the healthcare industry and we also know how the startup scene works. We support the development of new technologies and solutions in the fields of healthcare, life sciences, and manufacturing. We offer experts and innovators in the healthcare sector a platform to discuss, identify opportunities, connect with the right players, and work together with our partners on digital solutions – from drug production to therapy support.

Cocreate! Collaborate! Coinnovate!

Visionary ideas are rarely supported by ready-made solutions – that's why we focus on tailor-made collaborations. Whether it's in the form of access to Pfizer's network of experts, market knowledge, mentoring, or sales partnerships, the support we offer to startups, spin-offs, and tech companies is flexible and geared to their individual needs. We are committed to taking innovation to the next level thanks to the best possible support and to strengthening Pfizer pioneering spirit in the process. Our goal is to provide marketable solutions for drug production, clinical research, therapy support, and other patient solutions – breakthrough innovations that make a real long-term difference in patients' lives.

Our Team in Berlin


Ekaterina Alipiev

Innovation Lead 


Vivian Otto

Manager e-Health and Innovation

Alisa Bölke

Dr. med. Alisa Bölke

Medical Trainee Oncology


Lorenz Winker

Manager e-Health and Innovation

Our Team in Freiburg


Peter Neske

Innovation Lead 

Dr. Hans Zebner

Dr. Hans Zebner

Project Engineer Innovation

Lisa Gebauer

Lisa Gebauer

Master Thesis Healthcare Hub


Nico Kunzelmann

Trainee Healthcare Hub

The Team behind the team

Thorsten Mintel

Thorsten Mintel

Director Customer Operations

Thomas Kleine

Thomas Kleine

Pfizer Digital Country Lead

Jonas Scherhaufer

Jonas Scherhaufer

Manager Communications


Christine Steinhart


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