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Our services for startups, spin-offs and tech-companies

Startups, spin-offs, and tech companies can benefit from the entire spectrum of expertise that Pfizer has to offer. This includes access to selected customer contacts, real-world laboratories, market-specific knowledge, and an international network that extends across the whole world through the Pfizer hubs.

We very deliberately decided to avoid going down the path of a classic accelerator with standardized programs. Instead we opted for our tried-and-tested co-creation approach. We look very closely at the situation of the startups we work with, so that we can identify the challenges that they are facing and flexibly create services that are tailored to their specific needs. This way we ensure that innovative ideas really take off.



Knowledge Sharing  

How does the market for pharmaceuticals, health applications and DiGAs work and how can market entry be optimized? What do patients and doctors need? We offer access to concentrated market knowledge and share our knowledge of the healthcare industry: We advise on questions around market needs and market access, studies, marketing and sales and much more. 

With many years of expertise in the field of pain management, Pfizer supports Selfapy with the launch of an app against chronic pain 


Through pilot projects with startups and strategic startup collaborations, we jointly develop innovative products further – for example, through indication extensions or a proof of concept. In doing so, we are guided by the current questions and challenges of the startups and support them individually. 

The start of a co-development partnership using the example of the cooperation with the IT startup Mondas

Proof of concept, real-world laboratories and user acceptance testing  

The production and packaging site in Freiburg offers innovators ideal conditions to test a product in a real-life scenario – for example with a proof of concept, a user acceptance test, a feasabilitiy study or a pilot project. We offer you the opportunity to test whether your solution has proven itself for real-life tasks at one of the most innovative production sites in the pharmaceutical industry – or identify optimization potential with the help of our technical experts. 

Read how Kemialytics developed their software with real-life feedback from Pfizer

Sales partnerships  

We have an established sales structure and maintain intensive relationships with physicians, physician networks and other stakeholders in the healthcare industry. Within the framework of sales and marketing partnerships, we use our contacts and market knowledge to provide our customers with innovative digital products – and thus are able to successfully place your product on the market.  

Pfizer and Cortrium: An example of a successful sales partnership between a pharmaceutical company and a medtech startup

DiGA partnerships 

We support you at all milestones on the way to inclusion in the DiGA directory: from the application to the development of viable business models, from study design and implementation to pricing strategy and price negotiations.  

Pfizer and Alex Therapeutics collaborate on quit-smoking app for the German market

Financing of pilot projects or tests in industrial environments 

Beyond traditional VC funding, we finance our project-based collaborations through different models based on the needs of the projects and startups. Our goal is to leave the company shares in the hands of the founders – therefore we work with financing models such as revenue sharing. 

Success factors for co-creation: How can an AI specialist and a pharmaceutical company drive innovation together?

Successful market launch through market knowledge 

Access to the German healthcare market is associated with major challenges and high costs for founders. We know the typical market entry barriers and support with our market knowledge in establishing healthcare applications on the German market. 

Scaling: from national to international 

Through our broad innovation network with accelerator and incubator programs, innovation clusters, high-tech and industry networks, we offer startups access to a large knowledge pool, key partners, and national and international markets. We provide startups with unique scaling opportunities: starting from the German market and extending into the global Pfizer network. 

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The Healthcare Hub in Berlin has been a great springboard to accelerate our venture and to get early market access. The collaboration with Pfizer has been a seal of approval and a great support in terms of co-promotions, access to the markets and direct sales.

Erik Søndergaard Poulsen, MD, MSc, Co-Founder of Cortrium

Erik Poulsen

For business units and specialized departments at Pfizer

For Pfizer, we operate as innovation managers: using our knowledge of the processes and challenges within Pfizer and across the entire healthcare sector, we identify real game-changing innovations as well as those players who have the potential to develop solutions for acute problems.

We provide digital solutions to business units and specialized departments in order to optimize their production processes and open up new opportunities for the development of healthcare applications. To this end, we initiate and facilitate collaborations with external innovators from the startup and tech scene.

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