Matching industry-specific issues with creative solutions


For startups and external innovators

Startups, spin-offs, and tech companies can benefit from the entire spectrum of expertise that Pfizer has to offer. This includes access to selected customer contacts, real-world laboratories, market-specific knowledge, and an international network that extends across the whole world through the Pfizer hubs.

We listen carefully to the challenges that innovators are faced with and, based on that, we create a customized program, we put them in contact with the relevant players, and we ensure that innovative ideas can really take off.


For business units and specialized departments at Pfizer

For Pfizer, we operate as innovation managers: using our knowledge of the processes and challenges within Pfizer and across the entire healthcare sector, we identify real game-changing innovations as well as those players who have the potential to develop solutions for acute problems.

We provide digital solutions to business units and specialized departments in order to optimize their production processes and open up new opportunities for the development of healthcare applications. To this end, we initiate and facilitate collaborations with external innovators from the startup and tech scene.

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