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A good idea remains just an idea if it can't prove itself on the market. With the right support, however, ideas can bring about great results. We draw on a wide pool of resources to offer startups the right support in the areas where they need it most. We very deliberately decided to avoid going down the path of a classic accelerator with standardized programs. Instead we opted for our tried-and-tested co-creation approach. We look very closely at the situation of the startups we work with, so that we can identify the challenges that they are facing and flexibly create services that are tailored to their specific needs.

The Healthcare Hub in Berlin has been a great springboard to accelerate our venture and to get early market access. The collaboration with Pfizer has been a seal of approval and a great support in terms of co-promotions, access to the markets and direct sales.

Erik Søndergaard Poulsen, MD, MSc, Co-Founder of Cortrium

Erik Poulsen

Market knowledge

How does the market for pharmaceuticals, healthcare applications, and digital health applications work? We draw on decades of experience from one of the largest players in the healthcare industry and constantly monitor the latest trends and developments.

Customer contacts

We have an established customer community and excellent connections within the healthcare industry and its networks – from basic research to commercialization.

International hub network

From Berlin to New York to Tokyo: the two hubs in Berlin and Freiburg are part of the international Pfizer hub network, which stretches around the globe.

Pfizer experts

Whether it's production processes, the development of digital therapeutic methods, or market knowledge and scaling opportunities, we have access to exceptional expertise across the board, and for each topic we can find a real expert who knows the subject matter inside out.

Innovation network

We are an established player in the innovation landscape of the healthcare sector as well as in the diverse innovation ecosystems. We can draw on a broad innovation network with accelerator and incubator programs, innovation clusters, academic networks, and high-tech networks, and we can harness these connections to set the right levers in motion for visionary ideas to flourish. In addition, we function as the link to international innovation ecosystems from Switzerland to France to Israel.


All members of the Pfizer Hub teams are experienced as official mentors in various innovation ecosystems – we know the challenges that healthcare startups face and we are happy to support entrepreneurs in finding suitable solutions for them.

Real-World Laboratories

Thanks to our large production and packaging site in Freiburg, we can offer innovators ideal conditions to test and prove their product in a real-life scenario – for example with a proof of concept, a user acceptance test, or a feasibility study. Technical experts on site can help in verifying that the solution is valid for the real task at hand or, alternatively, in identifying how to optimize it. Once a solution has proven its worth in our real-world labs, we offer the unique opportunity to scale it up into Pfizer's global network.

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