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Momentum for innovation

We provide individual support for innovative ideas. We offer startups and innovators the opportunity to collaborate with one of the most important companies in the pharmaceutical industry. Together we to develop digital solutions that enhance therapies for patients and physicians. Pfizer divisions benefit from the digital and data-driven solutions we develop in collaboration with innovators.

Our Healthcare Hubs empower digital and technological innovations for the healthcare industry and connect the startup ecosystem with the Pfizer Group.

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Freiburg-Berlin: The Pfizer Innovation Axis

The Healthcare Hubs in Berlin and Freiburg drive innovation for the healthcare sector with their co-creation model: We support each innovation with a custom-made plan – personalized and flexible, a far cry from old-school cookie-cutter programs.

In Berlin, we focus on topics related to digital patient care. At our site in Freiburg we support one of the world's most modern production facilities in the pharmaceutical industry with innovative solutions for the drug production of the future.

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We are looking for partners to co-create digital solutions for the following indication areas: cancer, cardiovascular, metabolic, inflammatory and rare diseases, immunization and chronic pain.

We are also looking for collaboration partners to optimize our production and packaging processes, especially in the in the following areas: equipment reliability and predictability, changeover effectiveness and efficiency, predictable process performance, defect detection and elimination and sustainable production. Ready to take your solution to the next level with us? 

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News & Events

Forum Gesundheitsstandort

Fifth annual event of the Forum Gesundheitswirtschaft BW on 6/7 December

The two-day event will focus on improving medical translation in Baden-Württemberg and the use of health data in Baden-Württemberg, Germany and Europe. All stakeholders of the Forum Gesundheitswirtschaft BW as well as the interested public are invited.


Digital Health Conference on November 30 in Berlin

The Digital Health Conference addresses various topics regarding digital technologies and how they can enhance patient care, relieve the burden on the healthcare system and strengthen Germany internationally. Providing insights into the realms of Health & Politics, Health Tech, Digital Care, Social Governance, and the gathering of diverse experts, the aim is to highlight the opportunities of digitalization and demonstrate the path forward.

Photo: Wally Pruß

E-Health-Salon in Berlin: innovative patient solutions

On September 21, Healthcare Hub was once again a proud sponsor and speaker at hc:spirit's E-Health Salon. The event brought together 25 speakers from the health insurance, startup, and pharma sectors to highlight a wide range of topics related to customer journeys in healthcare. A highlight of the event was the speech by Dr. Evelyn Kade-Lamprecht, who offered great insights into patient journeys and explained what patients expect from their health insurers.


Digital Health & Life Sciences

Tomorrow's game changer: How the use of quantum computing can revolutionize the healthcare industry

Kamera Data Spree
Engineering & Manufacturing

Success factors for co-creation: How can an AI specialist and a pharmaceutical company drive innovation together?

Nora Blum
Digital Health & Life Sciences

"Look at what added value you can create for people together" – Interview with Selfapy founder Nora Blum

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